Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lovin' My Tree

Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with Christmas ornaments.  I remember going to my Granny's house and examining each and every one of the ornaments on her tree.  Christmas was always at her house, and it was always so special.  When she passed away, the only thing I wanted were her ornaments, and every year when I put them on my tree, they bring back all of those memories.  L.O.V.E.

Once I started to have my own tree, I began 'collecting' blown glass ornaments.  {Collecting, hoarding, obsessing over.... they aren't really the same thing are they??}

Bubble lights - love those, too!!  They are really just like ornaments all on their own. 

I also really love birds - it makes perfect sense for them to be on a tree, right?!

And of course it makes sense for fish to be in trees, too.

I know, it's a sickness...

And, then of course ya gotta have ELVIS!  :-)  LOVE!!!

Then I top it all off with a bright pink Vegas-showgirl-peacock, and a petticoat tree skirt.  LOVE!  It's my favorite!

Sometimes I think that I would like to do a themed, color-coordinated tree, but two things stop me:
1.  I would have to start from scratch because I have nothing matching, and
2.  It wouldn't be Christmas if I couldn't put all of this glittery, yummy, love on a tree!

25 Days of Christmas

11.  What's your favorite holiday goodie to make and share? 

Cookies!  All kinds, I shared a couple of recipes last year here.

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