Sunday, December 4, 2011

21 Days Until Christmas!

Ahhh.... late as usual.  (*chuckle*)
So I saw this post on Julie's blog, Balzer Designs, and thought it was a great idea for getting me back into the blogging habit.  One quick, easy question to answer each day until the B.I.G. day... 

I don't think these questions will be the only things I post about each day, but it will give me something to say, and it's not a lot of pressure. 

So, I've got four days to catch up on, and then I'm on track. Here goes:

  1.  Colored lights or white lights on your house or not at all?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE houses with all blue lights.  I also like all white or all multi-colored strands.  Whatever you do, I think you should commit to one color scheme.  Keep in mind that I am saying this as the proud winner of the Worst-Lights-in-the-Neighborhood Award for several years running. 

Right now, it's dark - we got nuthin'.

  2.  Hot chocolate or Egg Nog?   HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!  Not a fan o' the nog.

  3.  What's your favorite holiday dish? 

COOKIES - duh!  I'm still debating whether or not I will be baking this year.  I'm sure I will give in and whip some up.  Soooo many things on the list - somethings gotta give, but if I don't make 'em, nobody will!  Unless I can guilt Chicken Little into make a few batches when she gets home.

  4.  Does Santa wrap the presents or just sit them under the tree?

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Please excuse the dark, grainy photo, it was shot by secret camera planted in Santa's workshop. 

Please feel free to play along!  If you do, leave a comment so we can all see how you're celebrating this year.