Monday, February 13, 2012

Progress - Week 3 & 4

Last Week:

I was road-trippin' at this time last week, so I didn't update or set new goals.  I thought about it, and my goal for the week was "survive".  I did, therefore:  SUCCESS!!  :-)

But a quick update on the week before last:
  1. Work:  get caught up on email; consolidate and start working on my "To Do" list.  (I think that getting caught up on email may be setting myself up for failure every week - is it possible to every get caught up?  I'm WWWWAAAAAYYYY behind because I took a couple of days off to go home and drive my car back up here.  I was able to consolidate my lists into one, but then I started making more lists. hmmmm....  are seeing a pattern here?)
  2. Health:  I’ll commit to getting at least 6 hours of sleep for at least 5 days this week - keepin' it real. (I think I did this, but then last week I didn't do it at all.)
  3. Home: put down a deposit on rental; paint lights and vents at home; take care of all necessary relo paperwork; make hotel reservations for trip back; pack up and drive my car back to WI. (Success!!  I did everything except put down a deposit on a rental house.  I wrote the check for a deposit then changed my mind and picked a different house - now I'm just waiting on the owner to tell me where to send the check.)
  4. Wealth: pay bills; make sure all relo expenses have been submitted and paid.  (nope - ugh)
  5. Head: blog at least three times. (YES!  Did it the week I made the goal for, last week got away from me a bit, but I'm still claiming success on this one!)
  6. Soul: finish "special" art project; write my Soul Restoration 2 goals. (Finished project, still no SR2 goals.)
  7. Heart: grace and gratitude. (Working on this one every day.)

This week:
  1. Work:  stop procrastinating - do the 'hard' stuff that I have been putting off.  End Friday with no more than 25 emails in my inbox.
  2. Health:  6 hours of sleep at least 5 times, sign up for weight watchers online and stick to points allowance for the week. (something has gotta change!) 
  3. Home: secure rental house in WI and make all arrangements for the move; send in all relo paperwork.
  4. Wealth: sort through all mail from home; pay bills; submit all relo expenses. 
  5. Head: blog at least three times.
  6. Soul: art journal - 1 page at least; write my Soul Restoration 2 goals.
  7. Heart: grace and gratitude.