Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Garland

This is crazy, but I wanted, needed, had to have my sewing machine!  I don't really know how to sew, but out of all my crafting supplies, that is what I missed most.  So, when I went home last weekend, that was the first thing I packed in my car!  Love, love, love having it here, and not only that, but I have actually used it in the last few days.

I whipped up a couple of Valentine's Day garlands. Who doesn't love a garland?!  So festive!

All it took was some scrap paper, the sewing machine, and a few punches.  Quick and easy!

And so colorful! LOVE! The trickiest part of the project was keeping them untangled (see below). I had to cut a couple of them apart and resew them because they got all knotted up. 

And then there was figuring out where to put the darn things in this tiny hotel room.  This is the best I came up with...

Just doin' what I can to try to make it home-y and festive.