Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I've done a little bit of art journaling - mostly backgrounds - but I did finish one page the other day.  I just had this idea floating around in my head...  I cut the letters out of a map of Sheboygan.

That's kind of how I feel things have been going for the past few years.  For a while, I was at a complete stop - maybe even going backwards - then last year it started to feel like things were picking up a bit, but moving really, really slow.  Since the start of this year, it feels like everything is on all out GO!  And it's all going in a good way - FINALLY!!!

And you would think that I'd be ready for anything, but still even when things are going well, it sometimes takes a little bravery to go with it and appreciate it.  I am appreciating it - TONS - in spite of the fear and hesitation.