Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Soul House

The first part of the SR1 workshop deals with setting boundaries and Melody uses the analogy of a house to describe the condition of our souls.  Have you set strong boundaries and protected your house (soul), or have you let all kinds of people come in and destroy it and turn it into a crack house?

So the first spread, after the title page, in our SR book is a picture of our Soul House. You can interpret this however you like, but I chose to think of mine in already restored condition, so that it would be a reminder of what I need to protect.

I found a picture of a house online that I liked, then I used that as a general guide for the shape I wanted my house to be.  I cut the pieces out of different patterned papers.  Actually the house was one of the last things I glued down.  I cut it out first, but then I had to wait until I got the sky and grass laid down before I could add it. 

I started with scraps of paper.  I tore pieces of several different blue, green, and orange-y pink papers and then I collaged them onto the book for the earth and sky.  Next I found that fabulous glittery flower and used it as the center of my sun.  I layered it on two other pieces of glittery paper and then glued it down with the rays. 

From there, I was able to add the house and all the finishing touches.

This is the lift-up flat that was on this page.  On part you see, it's the reminder that My House is sacred, and then when you lift the flap, on one side it says "I get to decide who comes in my house."  On the other side, I pasted in three truths. 

I like glitter. 

And waa-laaa!  The flowers are rhinestones that I pieced together, and everything else is collaged paper.  Again, I used inks and paint to do the shading and to paint in the grass and leaves.  Yep, it's a little busy, but duh - I made it - how else would it be?  :-)

And then added one final thought to set the tone for the rest of my SR work.  LOVE!

That's all I've done so far... Tonight I want to start on my next spread, but I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do.  Maybe the inspiration will strike between now and the end of the day.