Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Pretty

I've had a suprise come up in the yard this year!  I forced several amaryllis bulbs during the holidays, and then after they bloomed I hated to throw away the plants, so I just planted them in the yard.  I didn't think they would come back, but I hoped they might, and...

Wooo hoooo!  THEY DID!!!

Not all of them are blooming yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  I wonder how long they will last?! 

All those pitiful baby petunias I planted a few weeks ago have gone crazy!  Hot pink for days!  LOVE!

The yuccas are also blooming - weird but still pretty.

A few years ago, I found two hostas on the clearance rack.  I planted them with no expectations, and they keep coming back bigger and bigger every year.  I wish I'd found 20 of them, I would have just planted these everywhere.  Perfect in the shade and so pretty!  I need at least 6 more - one for this area, and then 5 around the tree in the front where I can't seem to get anything to grow.  (Actually I think the squirrels eat everything I put in that bed.)

And one final shot - this is one of the sunsets I saw last week while I was in Florida.  You know, I love me some sunsets. 

 Happy Good Friday, everyone!