Friday, April 15, 2011

Pre Mini-Camp

Yesterday I told you about the craft room I put together for our Soul Restoration Mini-Camps.  In addition to moving all that furniture around, for the last 2 -3 weeks, I have been working HARD to get everything else ready: planning, cleaning, making aprons for everyone, printing out fun clip art for us to use, pulling together all of my art supplies, and watching tons of techniques videos so I could explain the 'right way' to use all of them.

I also put together a box of goodies for each of the girls:

Originally, I saw these 2 for $3.00 photo boxes at Michael's and I thought they would be great for each person's apron, but I ended up adding a few other things...

 I decorated name tags for everyone. Front...

 ...and back.

Then, I put together a texture kit for each box.  I had bought some old-fashioned plastic doilies for myself to use as stencils, and I had tons of extras, so I included a couple of those, along with bubble wrap, punchinella, shelf liner, some mesh ribbon stuff and a hotel room key card for spreading paint.

(CONFESSION:  Seriously you guys, you have no idea what a BIG step this has been for me.  You can ask anyone in my family, I. DO. NOT. SHARE.  I've decided that is probably not one of my most appealing traits, so I'm taking baby steps here to overcome it.)

I gathered the apron, the texture kit, the box, the tag, and I found the accordion books we'll be needing later in the class on sale, so I got one of those for everyone. At work last week, they were cleaning out the storage closet, so I snagged those plastic file box things - perfect for putting clip art in and also for corralling all of the stuff you want to use on your projects.  I also dipped into my canvas stash, then I put most of it in the box, wrapped a ribbon around it, and put a name tag on it.

LOVED THESE!  SO CUTE lined up on that table!! :-)

Our craft-fests are from 11 - 5, so we're going to take turns bringing lunch each week.  I did it the first week.  We had chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, chips, cantaloupe and cookies. Obviously, I was working around the "C" theme for "C" for CRAFTING!  (not really, just a co-inky-dink that I just now noticed.)

Everybody watched the videos online before Saturday, so we all knew what we were doing and we could get right to work, but I went ahead and put all of it on a whiteboard as a reminder.  I set this up in the loft as a handy reference.

And this is the craft room/loft after everyone left.  Not bad, even though we didn't need to, everyone cleaned up their space a bit before they left.  It's still like this - ready and waiting for this weekend. 
It was So. Much. Fun! The time just flew by.  We're doing it again on Sunday this week - cannot wait!