Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creating a Craft Room

I may have mentioned about a gabillion times, that I enrolled in the Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration 1 online workshop.  And because I really want to share as much of the Brave Girls Camp experience with everyone I know, I roped four other women into doing it with me (my mama, sister in law, step-daughter, and a bestie).  I invited them all over to my house for Saturday crafternoons - or Brave Girl Mini-Camps - while we're doing the workshop.  Of course, after I invited them, I had to figure out where we were all going to work!

I considered the kitchen, the dining room, and VERY briefly, squeezing everyone into my craft room/home office, and I finally decided to convert the loft in our house into a craft room.  Our loft area could be a game room or a den or a workout area, but mainly for us it's just the space at the top of the stairs.  We never use it.  That made it the perfect space for group-crafting - out of the way and we could just leave our stuff and not worry about cleaning everything up.

Whew!  It was a TON of work, but here's what it looked like before everyone showed up last week.

I moved the smaller furniture out  of the room and pushed the big stuff up against the wall so I could set up these two work tables.  I also covered the floor with drop cloths so we didn't have to worry about paint and glue drips.

Here's the view from the other direction.  At the end of the catwalk are Chicken Little's bedroom, my full-time craft room, and a bathroom.  As you can see, I moved most of the stuff out of my craft room into the loft.  I used one of those shoe organizer things to hold all the paint and various tools. 

It's a little cramped, but I also set up a sewing table and an area for hot glue guns, stamps and inks, and various other supplies.

The orange box holds the mists (Glimmer Mist, Adirondack Spray, etc) and the other box is to put your project in while you're misting it.  That stuff is MESSY!

This area holds all the scrapbook papers, clip art, and more bits and pieces (ribbon, rhinestones, buttons, etc.)

And finally, in that bathroom at the end of the catwalk I set up an area to do debossing on chip board or leather. 


Here's what everyone saw as they came up the stairs.  Tune in tomorrow and I'll tell you about those boxes... more fun!!

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