Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looks Gross, Tastes Great

WARNING!  There's all kinds of bad about this post.  The pictures are bad because it was late and the light in my kitchen totally sucks.  The end product looks gross.  Get through all that, and you will enter the ultimate kind of bad:  gooey, chocolatey, banana-y deliciousness!

I posted my banana bread recipe back in July.  I only make it when we have bananas that have seen better days.  So, last night, standing there looking at 5 overly ripe bananas, I had two choices: bake 'em up or trash 'em.  

I wasn't in the mood to bake or to eat banana bread, but I hate to throw out food, so I baked. Once the bread came out of the oven, my whole house smelled YUMMY, and I figured I might as well do a little quality control...

Then, I had the most glorious (and sinfully bad) idea - EVER...
I like the end pieces of the bread, so that's why these look a little dark.

We barely had enough nutella to cover one slice, but I scraped and scraped the jar to eek out enough to put a thin layer on both slices.

I know, I know, it looks gross.  But if you look closely, you'll see that the bread was still warm and the nutella is starting to melt into it a little.  OMG!!!  I'm tellin' ya - if we hadn't run out of nutella, I may have eaten the entire loaf - by. my. self! 

Confession:  I had my shoes on and the keys in my hand to go to the grocery for more nutella, but then sanity crept back in.  I put the rest in the freezer for Chicken Little since she'll be home next weekend for spring break (YEA!). 

Get past the looks of it and give it a try.  I promise you that it is a little slice of heaven  (ha! ha! ha! - get it, I'm so punny!)