Friday, March 4, 2011

She Art

I'm participating in an online workshop called The She Art Workshop, taught by Christy Tomlinson.  You can check out Christy's blog here.  From there you can find out more about the workshop.  It's too late to sign up now, but I think she said she will be offering it again soon.

Christy is teaching us how to make these cute girl canvases.  The class started on Monday, but I had a friend who had a birthday early this week, and I couldn't wait until Monday to start my project.  So, started this weekend and here's what I made just using the work Christy has posted on her blog as inspiration. 

It's an 8x10 canvas that I collaged a bunch of different papers onto, then I painted on it, rubber stamped on it, and added the girl.  Finally, I did some shading, outlining and detail work with both water based (so it would blend) and permanent (so it would not) markers.

The last thing I did was add the words and the 3d embellishments. It's a little bright, but I like it! I think I need to put away the glossy mod podge and stick with the matte for awhile.

I made this for a friend at work.  She has relocated to Texas and is really missing her family and friends at home. That's where the phrase comes from.  I didn't know what words I was going to put on it, and I was thinking about it before I went to sleep one night.  I woke up in the morning with the perfect phrase in my head.  Don't you love it when that happens?!

I collaged maps on in various places, and you can see them peeking out here and there (mostly at her collar).  I just tried to stick with that theme for most of the other stuff.  I really like the sun - I collaged a compass thingy onto a sunflower, then I used Christmas paper and cut out a round snowflake shape, turned it over and painted the back orange, and then collaged the rays on top of that. 

I also wanted the edge to be 'finished' so my friend didn't feel like she had to frame it.  I just took a bunch of the random scraps that were laying around and created this funky scalloped edge - probably my most favorite thing!

I was so afraid and nervous to give this to my friend.  You never know about someone's taste and style.  And, you know - it's really hard to be objective about something you have made.  I was just hoping she liked it and didn't think I was weird.  I think it was a success - she told me today that she keeps looking at it and saying she 'wants to be that girl.'  Isn't that the nicest thing?!   I told her I thought she already was.

So, now that I've watched all the first week videos for the workshop, I've learned so much more.  I'm eager to get started on another girl so I can practice what I've learned.

I am LOVING the idea of the online workshop!  I can participate when it's convenient for me, and I can watch the videos as many times as I want until I figure stuff out.  VERY COOL - VERY FUN!

Have you ever participated in an online class?  Was it good?  Got any recommendations??

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