Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glad I'm Here

I haven't been a fan of the birthday for several years, but I have a friend who LOVES birthdays.  The reason she likes them so much is because it's "the one day of the year we get to celebrate that fact that you are here."  Well....since you put it that way, it might not be so bad.

Saturday was my b-day.  Don't ask how many, that's not important - it's too many to get excited, but not enough to celebrate making it another year. :)  Anyhoo - all told - it was a pretty good day.

A couple of random shots from the day:

Joe walked in with this gorgeous bunch of flowers on Friday night. Lovely - off to a really good start!


I know, I know...  I said a few days ago that I gave up sugar for Lent.  I was doing so terrible that I just decided to stick with my no Diet Crack Pespi and going to mass every week resolutions, and to just drop the no sugar one.  I'm weak, but if I make it on the other two, I have made HUGE progress. 

Saturday morning (I use the word 'morning' loosely - I slept in til about 11:30), I woke up to these on the kitchen counter.  Now listen, we all know that I rarely meet a donut that I don't fall for like a bad boyfriend, but I am not a fan of the grocery store donut.  I REALLY, REALLY appreciate the thought and the effort, and I know that saying this makes me an ungrateful wretch, but I took one bite, let the box sit on the counter a few hours, and then threw them all away.  They were pretty gross. 

As for the cake, can you say "sugar coma"?  It was so sweet, it was suffering from it's own sugar crash (it seemed to be falling in on itself on one side).  We ate a few pieces and the rest of it went in the trash. 

Is that terrible?? None of us needed it, so it was probably for the best.


Chicken Little and I met my mother for lunch, and she had gotten me these SUPER CUTE salad plates (or maybe they are dessert plates, but I need to focus on the salad option for awhile).  Love, Love, Love them!

Because we'd been eat, eat, eating all day, instead of going to dinner, Joe, CL and I saw The King's Speech on Saturday night.  Joe was not excited about seeing it, but he ended up enjoying the movie.  It was WONDERFUL!  It deserved all the awards that it got.  If you haven't seen it, go, go, go - it was awesome!

Finally, of the best presents I got was "the Super Moon."  It's a terrible picture, but I took this at 10:00 pm, and it was incredibly bright outside.  I hope you had a chance to see it - it was HUGE!  Joe told me that arranging this for my birthday "wasn't cheap."  LOL!  Whatever it cost, it was worth it - sooooo cool!

It was a good day - it was nice to be able to spend time with the family.  But the gluttony - ugh! - it's a good thing I have a year to recover!   :-)