Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soul Food

On the Brave Girls Club site, they have just posted a recap of Day 5 at camp.  Click here to read all about it.  While you're there, join the club and sign up for the daily truths (it's all free and so, so wonderful).  You can also check out the archives to read about days 1-4.  But be forewarned - after you read them, you will really, really, really want to go to camp. 

This video is also posted on the Day 5 wrap up, but I wanted to share it here, too.  It is one of my most favorite things we did at camp.  Reading the post and watching this video for the first time tonight was amazing.  I have been jonesing for another taste of the BGC experience, and this was just the soul food I've wanted.  It took me right back to that moment.  What a blessing it was to have been a part of this.  Enjoy!

I cannot believe that Kathy and Melody were able to belt out that song all the way to the end.  I lost my voice to tears about half-way through.  But that is what Brave Girls do - they will share their light and they will carry you through and continue to sing your song until you find your voice again.  They are AWESOME!

I hope you're sharing your voice and your light, and if you can't right now, that's ok.  We've got your back - we'll light your candle and sing your song until you can join back in...