Wednesday, February 2, 2011

S-s-s-so C-c-c-cold!!!

Before we discuss the fah-reee-zing weather, I just want to acknowledge that I had a really good hair day yesterday!  I have to mention this because it has been a LONG time since I have not hated my hair.  I finally found someone who did a good color AND a good cut! 
I thought I wanted bangs the last time I got it cut.  I was wrong.  Hated them!  Now they are growing out, and she did a wonderful job of blending them during this weird phase.  YEA!!! Thank you, Callie!

So... on to the weather.  Let me just say that I like it warm - really, really like it.  I do not like the cold - really, really don't like it.  I spoke to CL tonight, and it is colder in Texas than it is in Baltimore.  That is not right.

Just like most of the country, we were hunkered down at home today, and most likely we will be tomorrow, too.  It seems like everywhere else was getting snow, but we got sleet and ice.  Here's a chunk of ice from our driveway. 
Almost two-inch sheet of ice on all the roads.  No - I did not leave the house.

I worked from home - on conference calls and in front of the computer most of the day, but I did have to get up and take a few breaks.  There wasn't much to do except torment the dog and practice using my camera by taking pictures of everything.  I'd run outside and take two or three pictures, then I'd run back in, work a little while and thaw out.  Once I got warm, I'd run back out again. 

So now, since the dog is asleep, I'm going to torment you with a million examples of the pictures I took today.   What else do you have to do anyway?  I'm sure you're snowed in, too!  :-)
 The fire was cozy.

Lola liked it, too.  This girl is seriously in need of a mani-pedi.

 Was thinking the light fixture in the entry was looking pretty cool... bored.

 She sleeps ALL day when we are at work - we were interrupting her busy schedule.

 At this point she was starting to get irritated...

We keep her water bowl outside - we had one inside, but she refused to use it.  Last night, the ice completely covered the bowl and we couldn't get it out.  We put out a different bowl this morning, but this 150-pound beast is a big, neurotic chicken.  We tried it inside and outside, but she would just stand and whine and wouldn't drink out of it.  She decided it would be better to just eat the ice.  Crazy dog!

Alrighty then, moving on to other subject matter...

Yes, we still have pumpkins.  I think they're pretty and I like the color, so I set these on the patio table.  We were planning to throw them out this week. (no, really, we were...)

The dog hadn't nibbled out of this pot yet.

 Cart path only - ha ha ha! (crackin' myself up)

Look at me - practicing with the aperture settings!  After these I had to go back in the house because my fingers were numb and I couldn't move the knobs on the camera.

 Everybody home on a weekday - it was weird.

The holly bushes are just now getting berries - in time for Valentine's Day, not Christmas.  :-)

Stay warm, everybody!!