Monday, January 24, 2011

Love Being a Girl

I have spent a lot of time listening/watching podcasts this weekend.  I find them somewhat addictive.  Tons of fascinating information, that I think I will store away in my brain forever, but promptly forget as soon as the next "fascinating" tidbit is laid out there. 

Do you know about the TED Talks?  If you don't, you M.U.S.T. check them out.  I find that a few are a bit preachy, a couple are a bit wack-a-doo, and some of the speakers are way too smart for me to follow along, but mostly they are wonderful.  So many new and interesting ideas presented by people who are DOING things and making an impact.  WONDERFUL, I say!!!

I just listened to and I was particularly moved by Eve Ensler's latest TED talk about our "girl parts": 

My favorite part is the last 4 or 5 minutes where she's reciting from her latest book. As is her intent, it definitely makes me wonder.  Instead of hiding the girl parts of who we are - what if we embraced them?  What if we allowed ourselves to feel and to be emotional like a girl?  Would that be so bad?