Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Collaged Christmas Eve

We started celebrating early on Christmas Eve!  Our oldest, her hubby and their two kiddo's came over for lunch.  First we ate and I pulled out the Christmas plates for the first of two times they'll get used this year.

The boys are almost 3 and almost 2.  This year, they're starting to "get it" when it comes to presents. What fun!

The 'laptop' was a winner, and we went old school with a bunch of books and they seemed to be excited about those, too.

A little later that afternoon (about the time we were all wishing for a NAP!), we headed off to my Aunt's house to wait for Santa's arrival.

Santa visits the house of one of the granny's every year.  He used to come to my granny's house, and I can remember waiting, waiting, waiting for him on Christmas Eve. Once he leaves, we pass out the family presents and it's a greed-ball festival.  LOVE it - so FUN!

We left pretty early because we were exhausted, but by the time we got home we decided we might have enough energy for another round!  We changed into our comfies and decided to open our presents to each other before we went to bed.

Chicken Little had a good Christmas!

Lola-dog didn't have such a good experience, but was still worn out by all the excitement.

Wooo hoooo!!  Look at the Mom Pile! 

I was really excited about the pill keeper.  Nerd Alert:  I take vitamins and a few 'scripts - but I only take them once a day.  I actually wanted  a big organizer so I could parcel out a month's worth and not have to worry about figuring it out everyday.  It's good to be organized, right?  (ahem...)

Joe was probably the most excited.  Band Hero - it was a present he didn't even know he wanted, but he couldn't wait to set it up.
  1. Pull it out of the box - check!
  2. Set up the drums - check!  (At my house, air drum is WAY more popular than air guitar.)
  3. Put the strap on the guitar - check!
  4. When all else fails, read the instructions - check!
I've tried to edit the number of photos, but I was having a hard time narrowing it down, thus you have the overuse of the COLLAGE function in Picasa.  Obviously, I continue to live by my More is More motto.