Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fat Girls Shouldn't Fly

We've been out of town the past few days.  We went to Cincinnati to visit Joe's family.  We had a good time just hanging out and visiting.  It was lovely.

The flight home, however, was AWFUL!  On the upside, Joe travels quite a bit and has pretty high status on American, so we were able to get seats in an exit row.  This was good, but... we are not little people, and airplane seats are not made for big girls.

Crammed into this tiny spot might have been bearable if it hadn't been for the temperature of the plane.  Oh.My.Goodness! I'm normally cold - all the time- so I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it was at least 90 degrees in there.  (forgive the blurry phone pics)

I took off my coat, my sweater, my ball cap (bad hair day), AND my shoes. If I didn't think I would go to jail (or the crazy house), I probably would have gotten nekid! (Have I made it clear that I was uncomfortable?)The temperature made me a little - shall we say... irritable.  So, compound that with being a big girl wedged into a small seat, the baby that would scream every time I dozed off, and the sun shining in from the window across the aisle, and I was MISERABLE!

We asked the flight attendant to turn the heat down... puh-lease! But she said they were "freezing" at the front.  I watched the people in the first few rows taking their coats off.  Shall we take a guess at who may have been cold???  Hmmmm.....

Anyway, Joe had left the car with the airport valet.  They were there when we arrived - this was nice - but they'd parked it in a 3" puddle of water.  Argh!  This probably wouldn't have bothered me if I weren't already grumpy.

I know I'm being extremely un-gracious - it won't matter tomorrow.  I am glad to be home, and I had a NAP this afternoon - so all is much better already! 

Lesson learned:  my goal (not resolution) for next year is to lose some of this weight so I don't have experiences like this in the future.  Thinking about other "to do's" for the coming year and starting to make my list.  What about you?  What would you like to achieve in 2011?