Friday, December 24, 2010

The BIG Tree

As you've seen, we have several small trees throughout the house, but the 'BIG' tree is the one in our living room.  I L.O.V.E. Christmas ornaments, and the tree is really just a means of displaying them.  I would be perfectly fine if you couldn't see any green on my tree at all and it was just a sea of ornaments.  I think I may be close to that point now. 

No theme tree here.  This one is a classic hodge podge of every kind of ornament, but mostly they are blown glass.  Some of these ornaments are from my grandmother, and some I just bought this year.  Some are collectibles, but mostly I just thought they were pretty or cute or funny. 

This year we got a new tree skirt - it's a petticoat.  It's really fancy and I'm loving it, but before I put it away I think I'm going to tea stain it so that it isn't quite so bright. 

And then there's the tree topper - my pink peacock.  Isn't she pretty?!  I know that it's the boy peacocks who have all the fancy feathers, but do you really think this one is a boy?  She's about 15 years old, and her feathers were getting pretty ratty, so this year I fancied her up a bit and added new feathers.  I added the hot pink ones .  Maybe they are a bit much, but we're celebrating - it's a birthday party, so we might as well be festive!

Here's some close ups of a few of my favorite ornaments.

You'll notice I've got a couple of repeats/themes going on here:  people, owls and birds, sea creatures, and kitsch (I think that's the category that Elvis and the bubble lights fall into).  :-)   Lots of color and sparkle - I'm pretty much covered in glitter from Thanksgiving to New Years!

Even if I don't do one other thing for Christmas, I cannot imagine not having a tree.  I have always loved Christmas trees.  I can remember staring at my mom's and grandmother's for hours when I was little.  I still find them fascinating.

Tonight's the night! I hope you are ready and that you are enjoying this time with your loved ones.  I wish you all a joy-full and peace-full holiday!