Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Organizing Jewelry

After reading this post by The Nester, I thought maybe I had something helpful to offer when it came to organizing jewelry. 

I tried different storage methods:  throwing it all in a box (tangled mess), the compartmentalized things that hang in the closet (too hard to get stuff out and no good for necklaces), a tool box (ugly), plastic bead holders (inconvenient), and I even considered downsizing (I came to my senses before anything too tragic happened).

If I don't see it, or can't get to it quickly, I won't wear it.  So, here's the solution I came up with when we moved into our house, and it's been working really well for me.

The things I wear everyday (wedding ring and watch) or that I'm going to wear the next day sit in these dishes on my bathroom counter.  (Yes, I do put out what I'm going to wear the night before - don't judge.)

I know, this is a bead holder, but I took the top off for easy access, and it fits perfectly inside a bathroom drawer.  I keep all my earrings in it, somewhat organized by color/style.

There was an unusable section of my closet where I decided to hang my necklaces. I found a few towel hooks we had laying around, and bought the longer 6-hook bar in the bath section at Target (maybe $9.99).  I mounted them at various heights to accommodate the different chain lengths, and then hung all my necklaces on them.  WAA-LAA! I can see everything and no more tangles! 

All of the "good" jewelry is neatly stored in those little boxes down below (little boxes because there's not that much). 

And, one more thing...purses!  I hate it when they get dusty, so for those that didn't have dust bags, I used old pillowcases, cut them to fit, and sewed some of my own.  I took a picture of each purse, laminated it, and tied it on the appropriate dust bag.  I put shower curtain rings on the lower closet bar, and hung the bags from those rings. Now, it's so easy to switch out my purse - and they're protected and off the floor. 

Have I gone overboard?  Maybe, but it's so nice to know where everything is and to be able to get to it easily.  What are some of your best tips for organizing accessories?

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