Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stashbusting September - Pumpkins

You may remember that I signed up for Stashbusting September here. I had big plans for projects I wanted to get done, but only managed to tackle one. Still, I’m pretty happy with that.

Last-Minute-Lisa that I am, I didn’t manage to get the link back posted on the official site in time to actually participate according to the rules. Bummer…

Oh well, here’s my project anyway. I decided to tackle some of the fabric and thrift sweaters that I seem to be hoarding. It was fun, easy and once again I may have gotten a little carried away.
This is the neck of a sweater I got at the Salvation Army.

And this is what I made from it! Pretty cool, huh?? I got the idea and instructions from
Martha (of course). And, here are the ga-billion others I made, plus I'm still finishing up a couple of bigger ones.


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