Monday, February 20, 2012

Progress - Week 5

I know this is kind of pitiful, but it makes me happy that I can see Lake Michigan from my hotel window (kinda).  That lake is HUGE!  When you look at it, it seems like it's an ocean because you can't see the other side.

Ok - I was excited when I started this series of posts, but now...not so much.  Maybe the title should be (No) Progress.  Ugh!  Alrighty, here's my sad, but true update

Last week:
  1. Work: stop procrastinating - do the 'hard' stuff that I have been putting off. End Friday with no more than 25 emails in my inbox. (Nope - didn't achieve this - instead I spent almost 4 solid days working on salary planning - not a bad thing, but not the progress that I'd hoped for - frustrating!)
  2. Health: 6 hours of sleep at least 5 times, sign up for weight watchers online and stick to points allowance for the week. (I think I did get 6 hours at least 5 times (YEA!); signed up; what are points?)
  3. Home: secure rental house in WI and make all arrangements for the move; send in all relo paperwork. (Paperwork is done!  This finding a place to live is going to make me insane - every time I think I found a place, something happens - it shouldn't be this hard.)
  4. Wealth: sort through all mail from home; pay bills; submit all relo expenses. (yes, yes, working on it - at least I've got them all separated out and I can submit them this week.)
  5. Head: blog at least three times. (Yes!  at least I'm consistently achieving on this one.)
  6. Soul: art journal - 1 page at least; write my Soul Restoration 2 goals.  (No, no - no worries here - i'm not beating myself up on this one since I refuse to feel bad about something that is supposed to be fun.)
  7. Heart:  grace and gratitude. (I've had better weeks.)
This week - I WILL MAKE PROGRESS!!!!:
  1. Have tough discussion that I can't share online.  End Friday with no more than 25 emails in my inbox.
  2. 6 hours of sleep at least 5 times; find out what my points allowance is and stick to it for the week.
  3. Secure rental house in WI (this is not negotiable - the movers are coming to my house in Dallas at the end of this week and I need to have a place where they can deliver my stuff!) and make arrangements for utilities.
  4. Submit all relo expenses.
  5. Blog 3 times; art journal - 1 page at least; write my Soul Restoration 2 goals.