Sunday, January 22, 2012


I began this journey in the early fall. It started first on the phone, but quickly moved to a visit to tiny Kohler, Wisconsin.  Wow - it's beautiful here.

After spending a day in Kohler, my next stop was Milwaukee where I realized there was a giant lake up here, doh!

And some really cool old houses... 

Second leg of the journey, back to Kohler to explore the area. Hmmm... would I really want to work here?  to live here?!  Considering and thinking...

Everyone was so nice, and the weather was really cooperating!  (Everyone kept telling me that it was unusually warm - let's just say we were all on our best behavior!)

LOVE these green slate roof shingles!

These were all taken at The American Club - where we stayed during this trip. It's a five diamond resort, with some pretty cool history behind it. It was awesome! During this second trip, we also went to a Green Bay Packers game - that was fun - but pretty darn cold!

The American Club has a lot of history - it was built in the early days of Kohler Company, as a sort of boarding house for Kohler employees (mostly immigrants). Our room was kind of small, but the bathroom was amazing (of course!). 

The building twists and turns for days - I kept getting lost and ending up on the wrong floor (regardless of the one I was trying to find).  I thought it was cool that one of the restaurants, the Horse & Plow Pub, used to be a bowling alley for the workers.

The day before Thanksgiving, I got the call.  They made me an offer to move to Kohler, WI and work for Kohler Company.

Oh my goodness - this is exciting - but oh, so scary!  I have to pick up my life and move to a completely 'foreign' part of the country?  New job, new home, new life...the journey continues...