Monday, April 4, 2011

Instead of Art Journaling - Part 1

On Saturday, I mentioned how bad I was at working in my art journal.  So, after a few minutes of blank staring at blank journal pages with an equally blank mind, I will pick up my Siesta Sisters Bible Verse cards and work on those. 

I liked the other cover, so I just cut it off and stuck it on the new one.  I did the same thing with the inside cover, too.

After writing that post, I decided that I needed bigger cards.  I went out and bought a 4" x 6" note card spiral and started over.  I love it so much better now!

I've really been trying to use up the bits and pieces and scraps from some of the other things I've been working on.  I'm also using a lot of the art supply packaging - it's pretty and I hate to waste it.  That's what I used for the background above.

This is one of my favorite spreads so far.  And, as you can see, not only have I worked on the pages that have the Bible verse on them, but I've also been doing the opposite side where I can put anything without worrying about leaving room to write. 

I also really like this next one.  I love the colors, and the way they don't really match, but at the same time they do.

The flowers coming off the edges are actually a mistake from the previous page.  I had painted the background of this page before I did the one before it.  When I painted that one, it ran over the edges on this one, so I just made it part of the design. 

This post is getting really long.  Stay tuned tomorrow, I'll show you the rest of what I've done so far...

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