Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We haven't totally figured out our new lifestyle yet.  Since Chicken Little's gone, and Joe is back to work at a job where he travels several days a week, we don't really plan dinners anymore.  And that means we almost NEVER go to the grocery store...except to stock up on cereal.

As a result, lately our cupboard has mostly been bare. Not a problem, but if you get out of your routine, then you kinda drop your organization systems, and before you know it, you have chaos! Chaos, I say!!

Geez!  How many econo-packs of cough drops do we need (top shelf)? 

Ok - so chaos may be a bit of an overstatement, but this pantry was starting to bug me.  Everything was all hodge-podged and shoved in there, and I was really hating that extra shelf we used to "need".   So, I finally mustered up the gumption and purged last weekend.

Ta da!!

This is probably my favorite - that shelf-thing on the door was just a catch-all for whatever you didn't have a place for.  Now it makes more sense - at least to me.  :)

Yep, pretty empty.   That's ok - I kind of like seeing some empty space on the shelves.  In case you didn't notice, we're ziploc fanatics - omg! - I think the world just may come to an end if we were to ever run out.  These are just the extra boxes - we probably have 3 or 4 more boxes in a more convenient spot in the kitchen. 

I got rid of that dumb extra shelf-thing.  Well...I didn't get rid of it, I moved it upstairs to use for art supplies.  :-)  (I may need an intervention when it comes to buying art supplies, but that's a story for another day.) 

I just love it when things are neat and tidy, don't you?  Ahhhh - all is right with the world again...mostly.

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