Friday, March 25, 2011

Doing Battle

Since the sun is starting to shine everyday, that means that it's time to work on the yard or else it will be hideous all summer.  So Sunday, I prepared for battle...

I was LAZY this fall and winter (as you can see from my dirty, rusty 'weapons').  After the first freeze, I should have gone out and done a final clean out of the beds, but I didn't, so there was a lot of work to be done.  You can tell I was SERIOUS - I pulled out the crocs!

After I beat the backyard into submission, it looked naked!

We lost a lot of plants this year because we had so many hard freezes this winter.  I ended up digging out an Azalea bush, a lemon tree (it was small), and three or four lantana plants.  I was hopeful about the lantana because usually it looks really dead, but then it magically starts to regrow, but not this year.  It basically jumped out of the ground at me - no roots at all.  Bummer! 

As soon as the ferns at Kroger go on sale, most of these pots will be full.  Then, I'll have to wait a few weeks and when the petunias come out, I'll fill in the rest for color.   (In the meantime, I think I need to buy a couple of cans of spray paint and get after a couple of those pots - geez!)

Next, it was time to storm the front yard where my winter-slacker tendencies were on display for all to see...
No grass yet, but the weeds and baby oak trees (from where the acorns fell or were buried) are filling in the yard nicely.  About two hours later, I was victorious!

This weekend, we'll probably fertilize, trim the bushes and mulch the beds.  Then we'll be ready for planting.  YEA! 

In the end, I triumphed, but I didn't walk away unscathed.

The weeds got in a couple of good shots.  When I was a kid I had allergy tests, and the doctor said that with the exception of two types of trees, I am allergic to Every. Single. Plant. that grows in North Texas.  Nice, huh?!

Oh well, a hot bath, a couple of benedryl, and 5 days cooped up in an office and I'll be ready for round two this weekend (and maybe I'll have enough sense to wear a long-sleeved shirt)!