Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creativity is Messy

Remember my office/craft room make-over? 

It was so pretty and clean and crisp and ORGANIZED!

Today, it looks like this.

Yes, that is a make-shift paint palette (aka plastic plate) sitting on my laptop.  It'll be fine.

Oh my goodness!!! How did this happen??

So, two things:
  1. I am knee deep in unfinished projects (literally).  They've been piling up since before Christmas, and I just keep starting more, and
  2. I've decided to reorganize based on color.
Remember, I was inspired by The.Art.Room. at camp. The paint, ribbon, fabric and paper were all organized by color.  Here's the paper...

And here is my newly re-organized paper stash

How can you not love that?!  It's pretty awesome, the only problem is that I still have to contend with the rest of the mess. 

I'm looking at it as a positive that I prefer to step over the piles and actually work on (AND FINISH) something instead of letting the cleaning up distract me so that I never really work on anything.

That's gotta be progress, right?  Just sayin'...