Saturday, February 19, 2011

BGC - We Arrive

I know I've said it a million times, but Brave Girl Camp was awesome!  I took a million pictures and I've been sorting through them which is partially why it's taken me so long to start posting about it.

My journey began last Tuesday morning.  It was early, COLD, and as usual I knew I had probably overpacked!

That's just the carry-ons.  I also had a bag to check. Normally I try to carry everything on because I hate to wait for my luggage, but I packed scissors, exactos, and various other art supplies so I had to check this time.

Even though I was up all night packing and re-packing, I barely slept on the way out.  I was too excited.  I also was a BIG GEEK - taking tons of pictures out of the airplane window.  The mountains we flew over were just beautiful.

It was a FULL travel day because I had to fly to Seattle first and then connect to fly back to Boise.  I arrived about 3:15, and met my two of my fellow campers - Rebecca and Jacqueline - at the airport.  We shared a cab to the hotel where we met all of the other Brave Girls and a shuttle that was going to take us on a very long (2 hours) ride to McCall where the gorgeous lodge is located. 

Before we got on the shuttle, we were met by Mignon and Marie who started passing out the goodies.  :-)  Aren't these bags cute?!!  They had a letter from Melody and Kathy and a map of our route to the lodge, as well as snacks and water for the trip. 

About 5 minutes before we reached the lodge, the bus driver pulled over and we were met by Melody and a few other Brave Girl staffers.  Melody led us in the bird seed ceremony.  We each received a small bag of bird seed that represented all of our problems and concerns from home.  Before we got back on the bus, we threw all of our "junk" to the birds, so we wouldn't be bothered with it at camp.  Doesn't sound like much, but when everyone is doing it, it's pretty meaningful.

At this point, all phones went off.  Argh!  Would I be able to survive without my regular Blackberry fix?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Wooo hooo!  This may have been one of the VERY BEST parts of the whole experience.  Remember the '80's (and before) when you could only get phone calls when you were at home or work?? 

Anyway, here's the lodge as we pulled up.  Gorgeous!  The lights were so festive and all of the staff was standing out front to welcome us.  It was hugs all 'round and everybody was thrilled to have finally arrived.  WOW!

Then we walked in...  it was so beautifully decorated with the bright BG colors.  LOVED IT!  And dinner was waiting!  It had been a long day, and we were about to be spoiled beyond belief and have the first of many FABULOUS meals. 

Wait a minute.... As I walked in the door, this was the first thing I saw. 

And a closer look...
That's Chicken Little and my mom and stepdad.  There were pictures all over the house of our loved ones. 

After dinner, we all got to know each other on the Red Carpet, and then most of us turned in pretty early.  Meet my two roomies - Debbie (l) and Annie (c).  LOVE them!!

It was obvious that Melody, Kathy and all of the staff (friends, family and other Brave Girl alumni) were so happy that we were there and that we were about to take this journey together.  Every detail was so lovely and thoughtful.  What an awesome welcome and beginning to the fun!  For another installment, tune in tomorrow, same bird-time, same bird-channel.