Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dog House & Gratitude

I know I'm always a little late to the party.  I think this came out a few years ago, but I just saw it.  It is HYSTERICAL!  And seasonally appropriate. 

And now, for Part II:

Not that jewelry will solve anything, but it certainly is better than a vacuum cleaner!

I missed Gratitude Friday - AGAIN!  This should be an indication of how KA-RAY-ZEE it has been up in here.  So, here goes...

This week I'm grateful for:
  1. Chicken Little got home from college last night. YEA!
  2. The Christmas shopping (and 90% of the wrapping) is finished.
  3. I had a good two or three days this week when my knees didn't feel like they were turned inside out.
  4. We have a temporary opening at the office, and the hiring manager hired Chicken Little to fill in over the holidays!  I'm thrilled for her and she's thrilled not to have to work with food. Besides that, she'll probably make more in the next four weeks than she made all summer at Subway.
  5. Our lovely Christmas tree - it's so pretty in the evenings.

One more week...