Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratitude Friday


Today I'm grateful for:
  1. Books on "tape" (I can "read" and do something else at the same time - unless the book is REALLY good and if that's the case, I just sit and listen) - downloaded from the public library website (FOR FREE!) directly onto my ipod.
  2. The Help - truly a just-sit-and-listen or read-it-in-a-day kinda book - LOVED it!
  3. E-Mags - who'da thunk it?!  As you know, I'm new 'round these parts, so I've just learned about this awesomeness.  Check out this one and this one.  I will be doing some serious perusing this weekend!
  4. Craft Show Season - also on the agenda for this weekend, visiting here and here.
  5. Flannel sheets (most of the time)  & cool cotton pillow cases when the hot is flashin'.
Have a cozy weekend.