Monday, November 8, 2010

Funky Finds

This weekend I went to two different Holiday Markets.  The first one I went to on Friday evening right after work.  Maybe I just wasn't in the mood, but I have to say I wasn't really impressed.  There were a few cute booths, but not much that was "special" - lots of leopard print, pink tulle, and freeze dried dip mixes.  Next...

On Saturday, I drove to Ft. Worth for The Experience by Funky Finds.  Let's start with a little background info -  Ft. Worth is a city - it has a cowboy heritage, but it is not a small, country town - it's a CITY.  This show was located at the convention center in the museum district - probably less than 5 miles from the downtown high-rises.  I turned the corner into the parking lot, and this is what I saw...

What the heck?!  Then my next thought was "Oh no!"  I'm incredibly allergic to horses - swell up, turn blue and die kind of allergic.  I decided to be brave and check it out a little further.  Apparently, in addition to art, it was a big horse weekend in the city.

The horse show was in the building next door to the building where I was going - thank goodness!  As I pulled around to the front door, I saw the sign telling me I was in the right place... I think.

Alrighty then, this should be interesting.  Guns and art, hmmmm...  

"Well thank goodness for that!" I thought, "What kind of art is this?"  I knew I had to be in the wrong place.  The people milling about did NOT seem to be the crafty type I was expecting to see.  But, as I BRAVELY and QUICKLY walked past this area, I saw the sign I'd been looking for - woo hoo!!

It was A-MA-ZING!! Too much fun! Lots of local artists with some wonderful treasures. I limited myself to cash only, but I got lots of business cards so I can hunt people down on etsy. YEA!  I got so excited that I didn't take any pictures once I got inside.  Anyway, here are some of the things I ended up buying.

I wanted about 100 of these tiles and jewelry dishes, but I restrained myself.  Rachel Bates is the artist, and she was so friendly.  She's going to be participating in another show on Dec. 3 - 4 at The Firehouse Gallery in Ft. Worth.  You can also check out her stuff here and here. 

I walked by this booth about 28 times before I finally convinced myself that it was ok to fight through the crowd and buy these FAB-U-LOUS earrings!  My favorite colors!  I'll be adding a matching necklace to my Christmas list.  :-)  Check out Heidy's other jewelry (it was all so gorgeous) here.

Finally, the other table that I was stalking was of Yvonne Wilson.  I love! love! loved! her work.  It was charming and clever and wonderful - just like Yvonne - very sweet lady.  I bought these two turkey prints, but I know I will be going back to her website and etsy shop for other pieces.  I had to stop at the Goodwill on the way home for some frames which I painted that night!  My photo doesn't do these justice, but they will have a prominent place in my Thanksgiving decor.

I may have purchased a few other things that I cannot show because Christmas is coming!  But some other folks I'll be adding to my favorites are:
I finally managed to drag myself away, and on the way back to the car I noticed the parking garage....


 CUTE!!  Then, as I reached for the car door, I noticed this not so cute...

Ewwwww!!  Well that brought me right back to reality.  I guess I should have parked in that garage.  :-/

Has anyone else been to a fun and fabulous market lately or discovered something/someone new and clever?