Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

In celebration of the day, I just thought I'd share some of my favorite costumes through the last (too many) years...

Yep, that's me.  I think I was 13.  This is my version of "punk" at the time. This foreshadows something that I find much, much more frightening (you will see). 

Chicken Little's second Halloween.  The first year she was Tinkerbell and we squeezed her into a lime green leotard with wings (she looked like a big booger).  It was hysterical, but I can't find any pictures.  This particular Halloween, the temperature dropped from 80 to 40 overnight, so we had to quickly rethink the angel outfit and she became a cowgirl - much warmer!  Many years followed where any costume was good as long as it involved some sort of face paint or make-up - and always she was "workin' it".

Remember the first picture, this is where it gets scary.  This is CL - same age - same general idea!  For those of you about to enter this time, remember it is a phase and it will pass!

High school: wigs, trips to Goodwill, and much angst over having a cool costume.

So, now she is at college and still Halloween is a big deal.  She's posting her costumes now on her own blog.  But we are not left out this year - we get the pleasure of just enjoying the end product with grand babies.  A pirate and his parrot! 

Happy Halloween everybody!  Be safe and get lots of candy!