Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween House

When is the right time to put out Halloween decorations? In September I want to decorate for Fall, but that seems too early for Halloween. The problem is, I don't want to “do” Fall, then take it down and do Halloween, then take that down and do Fall/Thanksgiving again.

This year I think I came to a happy compromise. I started by putting out a few pumpkins in mid-September so it would at least start to feel like Fall. The last week of September, I put out the inside decorations and went straight to Halloween. Still too early?

I’ve confined Halloween to the kitchen and dining room. In the dining room, I decided to stick with a black and white theme (except the one green glittery skull).

These birds didn't photograph that well, but they really creep me out!

After Halloween, I will swap the birds and witches with Pilgrims and Indians - the white pumpkins will probably stay where they are.

In the kitchen, I piled EVERYTHING onto this one cabinet. Old and new, homemade and store bought - a little bit of everything! More is more…

Here we go with glitter season - I will be the disco queen from now until January with glitter in my hair and on my face and hands constantly. I love these cat candles!!! I cannot bring myself to actually burn them.

Do you deck the halls for Halloween? Do you love answering the door, or do you cower in the dark hiding from the princesses and pirates?