Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spirit Week??

I don't know how I ended up being the leader of the Employee Engagement initiative for my company, but I was the lucky winner of this task. Among many other programs that I'm launching for this, my boss wanted to have a company "Spirit Week".

Needless to say, I have very little time for picture taking or blogging this week. Here are a few pictures I've been taking at the office.

Monday was "Hats Off to You" day. This is the group that wore hats. I'm the one on the far left wearing my "church-lady" hat. I especially loved the girl's pirate hat - that was my favorite! :)

Yesterday was wear your Green day (our logo is lime green), and the picture above is our local HR team (I'm on the far right) in all our green-glory. We celebrated with green cupcakes and custom m&m's in the afternoon.

Today we're having a global culture (celebrating our diversity) potluck...
I find it extremely ironic that I am leading this since I am probably the MOST UN-spirited person in the company. I also am not a party-planner. I'm really terrible at the details. This would have been fine except that in addition to the global program launch, I'm the site leader for our office in Plano. This means that I actually have to coordinate some activities for this office during this week. Argh! (plus I have to continue to do my REAL job!)

I did have enough sense to put out the call for volunteers to be on an Event Committee. I only got two victims, uh I mean, volunteers. These wonderful people have really stepped up to do the bulk of the planning and executing. THANK GOODNESS!
Hope you are all having a spirited week of your own. I'm eager to catch up on all my blog reading this weekend.