Friday, September 10, 2010

I can do anything!

Check out this video. I want this same conviction and I want to sing and dance it just the way Jessica is doing!

I feel like I have become a bit of a whiner lately. I'm tired of acknowledging and focusing on things that are not going perfectly, and I'm feeling the need to make a significant shift.

I've decided to make Fridays about gratitude. I have never been able to keep a journal - gratitude or otherwise, but I do believe that gratitude is a fundamental and necessary practice. I think about it every day, but there is so much more power to writing it down. For some reason, committing something to paper (or screen, in this case) requires much more consideration.

I am also making a commitment to try to stay away from the usual suspects in my list (family, health, etc.) because I think that would make it too easy. I want to put my focus on the little things I think I take for granted, and acknowledge everything that adds up to this truly blessed life that I have.

Today, I am grateful for:

1. The video above, the message, and what an inspiration Jessica is!

2. Fall is coming and even though the temperature hasn't changed, I can feel it happening. This is my favorite time of year. (I'll probably say the same thing next spring.)

3. Blogging. I'm having so much fun doing this - it makes me happy every time I hit "publish". And I'm LOVE, LOVE, LOVING all the wonderful bloggy-friends out there. I so appreciate everyone's voice and inspiration on a daily basis.

4. I'm glad that Joe is back in town today and that we have a date night planned. Even though it's a pseud-work function, it will still be great to get out of the house and have grown up fun for a few hours.

5. Shifts in perception, and the ability to find the lesson and or something positive in all situations.

What's going right for you today, and where is your focus?