Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here We Are & Dorm Cuteness

We were up early on Thursday morning. She couldn't check in until 9:00, but she didn't want to be late!

Notice the irritation - the nanosecond it took to take this picture was too long for Lib.

And we arrive...

Thank goodness she was only on the second floor. We had to unload all that junk and get it up those stairs. That was my least favorite part of the trip. I have a hard enough time hauling myself up - much less all of her stuff! And it was about 93% humidity - I was looking really pretty. What? It wasn't about me? Really? Hmmm....

Anyway - the dorm room is essentially a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. Chicken has one roommate who's in a single room, and then she shares her room with one other roommate. I met both of them briefly and they seem like very nice, normal girls (thank God!).

Living/dining room - no tv's in any rooms. There is one common TV for the entire complex - definitely have their priorities straight! (in this picture - the kitchen is behind me)

This is the bathroom - just a shower, potty and small sink - I just took this picture because I loved this shower curtain. I thought it was really clever for those having to share a bathroom with very little storage space - they don't have to tote their stuff back and forth.

Lib's room. We brought the desk. It's one of those inexpensive "farm" tables that we got a garage sale for $15. She sanded and painted it hot pink this summer. CUTE! No room for it, but we managed to find a place at the end of her bed and we wedged the night stand under it.

Notice all the junk she had to stack on top of her wardrobe. I was beginning to think I was going to go home with the van still half full.

Picking the bedding was quite a challenge. Lib didn't know what color or style she wanted, and then we finally saw a picture in a some magazine with a white bedspread and blankets or quilts at the bottom. PERFECT! She can change the cover at the bottom depending on her mood or the weather. This summer, she made that quilt at the bottom - it turned out really cute, and worked perfectly with the white.

The nice thing about this dorm is the homasote on the walls. The school has done this so the kids can have places to hang the art pieces they are working on or have finished. Pretty clever - and it also allows for the obligatory posters...

That vintage suitcase on the desk is full of her art supplies.

Think she was getting a little tired of all the photos?? I thought the sequined top for move-in day was an especially nice touch.

And then it was time for the long ride home. The van was really, really empty.

Wow! What a really wonderful and horrible day that was. I was incredibly proud of the independent, talented young woman she is becoming, but at the same time worried and sad to close this chapter. Leaving at the end of that day is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I started missing her before we even said goodbye.

No worries - YEA me for a job well done! I know she will soar.