Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

Do you LOVE getting mail, real mail, out of the real mailbox? I do! I'm talking about something personal from someone you love ... not bills, those I do not love and they don't count.

I also like sending mail, or more accurately, I like the idea of sending mail. I have a pretty extensive stash of cards and stationary, because I have really good intentions. For some reason, I have never managed to send as much as I accumulate. But now, I have the perfect reason to start depleting the supply: Chicken Little!

This weekend I was sorting through the cards looking for the perfect mix of love and encouragement. Instead, I was struck by this one. It seemed a little inappropriate at first (not wanting to encourage wickedness since I know my precious angel is spending every minute in class and studying), but then it occurred to me that this could be a brilliant cautionary tale...

So, I got to work with the letter stamps and markers... Think she'll get the hint?

She's supposedly "grown" now, but I'm still the Mama which means the protective instincts, advice, nagging, and unsolicited "help" will continue... even if I have to rely on the USPS to deliver it!