Friday, September 3, 2010

And We're Off

Last Tuesday afternoon, we hit the road for the long, long drive from Dallas to Baltimore.

I rented a minivan (you aren't obligated to own one if you only have one child). We put the seats down (it took both of us to figure out how that worked). She loaded it up (to the very top), and off we went...

Yes, she took all of this to outfit her dorm room... and this was after weeks of scaling back on the "to go" pile. I have a firm belief that it doesn't matter how nice your stuff is, when it is piled in the back of a truck (or van, in this case) it just looks like a bunch of junk.

Notice that the door is not fully open. The entire van was like the overstuffed hall closet - you had to open the door a crack, put a hand in to catch anything that may come tumbling out, and then, without opening the door all the way you could quickly put in or take out what you needed. Just like that piled up truck on the Beverly Hillbillys intro...

Load 'em up, move 'em out. Say cheese!

Enough with the pictures already, Mom! LOL! She held that bonsai on her lap for about 8 hours before she was finally able to make a spot for it on the floor in front of her. It left her with about 8-10 inches of room for her feet.

It was hot! Even though most of our time would be spent in the car, this heat was not something I would miss over the next few days.
1300-ish miles to go!