Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home is where the HE{ART} is

Chicken Little will be heading off to college next week. I’m driving her up to Baltimore where she will be attending the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). I’m so excited for her, but really sad for me. (And to be completely honest, a little excited for me, too!)

We’re throwing a going away party for her this weekend. Most of her friends have already scattered to the winds to go to their different schools, but all the family is getting together to let her know how much she will be missed.

I created this as the invite to the party. She is my heart, so I thought the image/message were appropriate. This is the first crafty/creative thing I’ve done in quite a while. It’s a little bit of everything: paper, ribbon, ink, and then the words were digitally added. It’s a little off kilter, but overall I was pretty happy with it and thought I’d share.

Planning to bake and decorate and try to make it a fun event. I’ll post more pictures after the party/wake. :-/