Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's that?!

Driving home the other day, there were giant spools of rainbow colored tubes lining the side of the road. I should have been paying attention to the road, but got completely distracted by these brilliant colors.

You can only see the pink and a tiny bit of the green, but just imagine these and blue, red, yellow all together lined up every other block or so. I know that they are extremely functional and are used to distinguish the various cables and lines that are running underground. I just thought they were pretty.

I wish the light had been red, but it wasn't, and there wasn't anywhere to pull over, so I had to do a u-turn under the bridge, dig my camera out of my purse, and try to snap a picture as I drove by a second time. Not very safe, but I just had to get the shot!

I had no idea this fabulousness lurked just below the surface!