Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The same but different

Hmmm.... These two notes were written about 25 years apart. The top one to me from my mother (who knows why I felt it was scrapbook worthy), and the bottom one from me to my daughter.

Both of them similar in intent and message, but oh so different.

First, my mother called me "do-do" - pronounced "doo -doo". Yes, so kind, but it was a term of endearment. My child would claim to be scarred for life if I were to tag her with a similar moniker.

Second, notice the "added benefit" on the letter to me of how impressive my home keeping skills will be to my future rich husband. Again, things that make you go hmmmm. True, good home keeping skills always come in handy, but I've never known the ability to clean a toilet to "amaze and astound" anyone, and certainly not a man! I guess that was supposed to be the motivator so that I would want to get this stuff done. The motivator on the other note: beauty appointments - getting the hair on your head cut/colored and the hair on your body removed. Kids today have it so rough.

Finally, notice the different chores on both notes. The one addressed to me: straighten house, run vacuum, and clean bathrooms - only 2 hours to complete! I'm left wondering what chores were assigned to my younger brother that day?!

So, what did I ask my Chicken Little to accomplish: run vacuum (same), water the plants, pick up "your" stuff, and bring down "your" laundry (god forbid it say "do your laundry")! All of this taking approximately 30 minutes to complete - if she rested between each activity.

While I'm thrilled to have found actual proof of the "walking-uphill-to-school-both-ways" type of generational differences we all claim to have, I am a little dismayed to actually see how easy the child really does have it.

I'd better get busy, only a few more weeks to come up with all sorts of chores to make up the difference. Otherwise, she won't have any "hardship" stories to tell her own chicks.