Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's in a name?

From my last post, I'm sure you figured out where the name of the blog originated. This is about all those things that are important to me.

Roots - our past and all those people, experiences, place and things that have shaped us; everything that fed us, helped us grow and continues to nourish us.

Wings - our future, our potential, anticipation, hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations, plans and expectations.

Nests – this present moment, bustling activity, every person, place and thing that feels like HOME, that speaks to us of acceptance and sanctuary, that bring us comfort and peace, and fills us with love and joy.

The picture is of the poppies I planted this spring. They were GORGEOUS! I never knew that one plant could produce different colored flowers...lovely surprise. I just loved how strong those stems were in contrast to the delicate flowers. I didn't know these would grow here since it's so hot. Well... I was partially right, they were beautiful for about 6 weeks, and now they have all expired in this 100 degree heat. They weren't here long, but they were so rewarding while they were here. Are they perennial? I don't know, but I'm just going to cut them back and hope they show up again in the fall or next spring.