Thursday, June 24, 2010

How perfect is this?

Friday, June 25

Pisces Horoscope: Lisa,Your circle of friends is about to expand dramatically. You are attractive to others who will seek you out to join in creative or social groups. You may find that there are some unexpected expenses or a commitment of time that comes as a challenge though.

I think that's my sign (ha! ha! pun completely intentional!) that I have to start this blog today. I cannot procrastinate any longer. It's not the perfect blog that I have imagined (I want to completely re-do my banner), and I really don't know where it's going, but at this point good enough is AWESOME because it's so much better than what I've got so far which is nothing.

What seems like a hundred years ago, when my daughter was small, I heard the saying "My only wish for you, Little One, is these two things: to give you roots and to give you wings." Almost every day since, I have thought of that. As my Chicken Little One gets ready to leave the nest, the ideas behind that saying have been hovering over me more and more. I think I've done pretty well on the roots part, but I'm concerned about those wings. I'm worried that in my efforts to keep her safe, secure, and grounded (I'm so punny today) that I haven't done enough to prepare her not only to fly, but to soar. She leaves in approximately 8 weeks, 4 days and 6 hours (who's counting?) so I guess we shall see.

My intention for this blog is twofold - first, to give me a purpose, something that encourages me to look for beauty and fun and cleverness and possibility in every single day, something that is creative and fun to do as I gingerly move into this next stage of my life; and second, a place to share things that inspire me and will hopefully inspire Chicken Little or anyone else out there to soar beyond their imaginations and their aspirations. (Right now, when she reads this as my only follower, she will think it is cheesy, but one day she will understand.)

Now, here I go, too... jumping out of my safe nest into this strange bloggy world...I think I am finally ready to stretch my rusty old wings and fly into this new horizon.