Friday, April 8, 2011

Latest Obsession

Since I returned from Brave Girl Camp, I have been obsessed with a few things, but the one that seems to be consuming most of my time is cute-i-fying (yep, made that word up) aprons.  At camp, everyone was making their aprons fancy, and I didn't get a chance at camp, so I finished mine when I got home.

I loved it, and it only took me about 2 evenings to get it done.  It was quick and easy, and there began the crazy. 

Let's be clear - I do. not. sew.  Yet, I have been making ruffles and free sewing on my poor little $79 machine.  It's amazing what that little worker-bee can do.  Wanna see?  Ok, ya twisted my arm.  Here goes:

In case I haven't mentioned it, Joe is a chef  (a real chef, not just a my-man-does-all-the-cooking kind of chef). So, we had about, ohhhh...a MILLION aprons in the garage and laundry room.  Neither one of us EVER wore them at home, but they just kind of showed up.  They were just screaming to be embellished.

I had to respond, so I did ANOTHER green one, but in more fall-ish colors. 

 (I cannot get this to turn the right way - grrr!)

And another...

And, one more...

I don't love the rick-rack across the top on this one.  It may need to have a third or forth or fifth row of pom pom trim to cover it up.  I really like the rest of it though.

I am an apron-decorating rock star!  (In my humble opinion.)  :-)  And because of my apron, I'm famous now (LOL!) - click over to the homage to the apron that BGC posted yesterday. Look quick or you might miss me. I cannot possibly use all of these aprons, so I have been making them for the girls who are coming over for my Saturday Crafternoons, starting tomorrow.  I hope they have as much fun wearing them as I had making them!

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