Monday, April 25, 2011

Art Journal - Finished Pages

I mentioned the other day, that I had finally finished a few pages in my Art Journal. So, I thought I'd share a couple of them.

I've decided to do only the journalling assignments from the Soul Restoration workshop in this book.  I think I work better if I have a theme and some prompts.

The prompt on these two pages obviously dealt with truths and lies.  It's about the lies I've let have influence over my life and then the counter-acting truths.  There were a lot, so I had to type them out and printed them on vellum.  (I blurred 'em out - I'm not ready to share quite that much.)

On some of the pages, I don't have a prompt from the class, but what I'm writing goes along with the concepts we're working on.  Also I've printed some of the Brave Girl's "A Birdie Told Me" emails that I really like and glued them in.

This page is inspired by the Moon people analogy Melody uses during the first week of the class.  I did this while I was traveling a couple of weeks ago.  I printed the pictures out from the internet and stuck them on the back of a big envelope.  After I wrote on the page, I just glued it in when I got home.

I'm really starting to get into this process.  I've never been into keeping a journal, but it's much more fun when I get to include pretty colors and fun pictures. 

Unlike last week, this weekend was extremely productive.  I finished several projects.  I'm in Houston today to launch a big program for work.  It's making me crazy to be away from my supplies!  I finally get inspired, and then I have to leave town - figures...

Oh well,  it's just a quick trip - I'll be home this evening.  And I cannot wait to get back to 'work.'