Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Decor 2009

To get everyone in the spirit and start those creative juices flowing, Beth at The Stories of A2Z is hosting a linky party of last year's Christmas mantle.  I'll be linking up.  Check it out - lots of great inspiration.

Here are some of my terrible pictures from last year. It's my goal to do much better with the decorations and the photo taking this year!  I'm hoping that Chicken Little will help me get everything decorated while she is home for Thanksgiving. 

Here's the tree, the beast, and the mantle in the background.  Our mantle is only about 6" wide, so I'm somewhat limited on what I can put up there.  I'd like to figure out a way to expand it a bit.  I also made that big letter "C" last year - it could stand for Christmas, but really it stands for "Cash" our last name.

And another view of the tree, taken from the catwalk upstairs.  Yes, that is a big pink peacock on the top of my tree.  It's not traditional, but I like it.  It's showy just like my tree.  I know you're jealous of it's fabulosity.  ;-) I've got quite the collection of ornaments - and I use EVERY single one!  More is more! 

This is the little silver tree I set up in the dining room.  I wish I could find the other pictures of the table.  It was all in silver and gold - really pretty and sparkly!

The kitchen sideboard - this was my "other" favorite.  :-)  I also had a little tree in the kitchen and we decorated it with sugar cookies.  I kept having to redecorate that one. 

And, finally we had the hall tree in the entryway last year.  I decided to hang the stockings here since the mantle is so skinny. 

I have been dreading decorating for Christmas, but now I'm starting to get excited about it.  We have to get a new tree since I threw our old one out last year - very happy about that!  How about you?  Are you planning to decorate the same way you always have, or are you planning to change things up a bit this year?