Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good, Funny, Texas, Not So Good and a Tutorial

GOOD:  I attended a class at work today based on the book, Getting Things Done.  When we still carried planners, I had my whole life arranged with the Franklin Covey system, but since I now keep my calendar in Outlook, I haven't really figured out a system for managing everything.  This class was AWESOME because they gave some applicable organization techniques and great tips on how to do apply them in Outlook.  Yea!  This is my weekend homework - I'm determined to use this stuff 'cause I'm tired of being so scattered.

FUNNY:  I caught a glimpse of this through the window this weekend... 

That was the sneaky-through-the-blinds picture I took.  Then I got bold and just opened the door for this one.

Yep, that's my husband vacuuming the lawn!  Bwaahaahaahahahahahahah!!!  Sorry for the blurry pictures, but it's hard to stay steady when you're rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.  He decided it would be easier to vacuum the acorns up off the lawn instead of raking or blowing them.  I have to give it to him, it was a clever solution, and it looks great.  :-)

TEXAS:  We had some storms roll through here this weekend. You can see (above) what the sky was like in the morning - sunny and gorgeous.  About an hour later, the sky in front of the house looked like this...

And from the back of the house, it looked like this! Within 30 minutes - it was pretty again.  I've lived here all my life, and it still amazes me how quickly the weather can change. 

 NOT SO GOOD:  I got home from work today, and I was all motivated to plug in my computer and get organized (using all that good info I learned).  I walked in the door, let the dog out, changed my clothes, let the dog in, finished the conference call I was on, and started to log into the network.  Lola came up and started rubbing her head and face on my leg - can't be good, right?

Why would that be bad?  Let's just say that Lola and I begrudgingly share our living space.  I'm allergic and she's a huge slobber factory, so I keep my distance most of the time.  She most certainly loves Joe and Chicken Little the best.  Even though neither of them were here tonight, she still would never be so cuddly with me.

I looked down at her, and this is what looked back!

OMG!!  Her whole face was swole up!  Not on my watch!!!  I would be blamed and NEVER be forgiven if something happened to her while she was alone with me.  (DAGNABBIT!!!!  I probably used a different choice phrase or two, but I'm keepin' it clean.)

The vet was closed, so off to the Emergency Animal Clinic we went.  Have you ever tried to heave/shove a 150 pound, non-compliant, stubborn, drooling, smelly, shedding beast into a mid-sized sedan? 

Here's the TUTORIAL:  
  1. Open the car door.
  2. Throw all the junk from the back seat onto the floor of the garage.
  3. Coax the dog close enough to the door that you can pick up each front paw and put it on the back seat.
  4. Quickly run around to the opposite side of the dog and SHOVE!
  5. Get hind end close enough to the door that you can pick up each rear paw and put it on the back seat.
  6. Make sure the tail is in.
  7. Shut the door! 
  8. Frantically run into the house and try to find car keys you misplaced in your panic.
  9. Locate keys, run to car, get in driver's seat with dog's drooling, swollen head hanging over your shoulder.
  10. Start car and slowly back out so as not to jiggle the dog and dislodge any more fluids to run down your neck and arm.
I was covered in fur, and not wanting her to suffer alone, I was already starting to itch and snot myself.

Turns out we both had allergy "events" tonight.  We got to the clinic, they gave her shots of Benedryl and steroids, and sent us on our way.  (I had to get her BACK into the car to bring her home, and she was DOPED up and even MORE NON-COMPLIANT than the first time.  Repeat previous procedure, but in public.)

By the time we got home, we both looked and felt a bit like this...

(I took both of these pictures at the clinic - I have no shame! I'm sure they thought I was a crazy person.  I can't imagine why she doesn't like me.)

When we got home, she went right to the treat jar, and looked at me expectantly. I knew all would be right with the world.

We don't know what she got into, the vet said maybe she was stung by a bee.  It's been about 7 hours and she's pitiful, but returning to normal.  I snorted and sneezed (and maybe even drooled) for about an hour, but once I was able to take a shower, I started to feel better too. 

Now that we're both in a Benedryl haze, it's probably time to put a close to this day...