Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Week

I’m back and I’m better. Sometimes I just get in a funk, usually instigated by a case of too much “gotta do this” and too little sleep. Still suffering from the first part, but I did get NAPS both days this weekend – YEA!

I’m in HR, and one of my “clients” is our global Finance team. Last week, our CFO held a leadership meeting at his house on Lake Michigan.

Work hard, play hard – that was our motto. We would meet every morning (8 AM, regardless of how hard you may have “played” the night before), and we’d work until early afternoon. The play part consisted of golfing, NAPPING, kayaking on the lake, reading, canoeing down the White River (more on that later), and lots of good food and drink!

It was gorgeous. It rained two mornings, but by the afternoon the sun was always out. It was also unusually warm (90-ish), still that was balmy compared to Dallas lately.

This is the first picture I took, and it was from the car on the drive in from the airport. I LOVED these sunflowers. It looked like how I imagine the south of France looks.

Obviously, I was really diggin’ the farms. There were so many that I wanted to take pictures of, but I never had my camera ready. Argh - frustrating - oh well, lesson learned…

We really got a lot of good work done. It was great to be so productive, while at the same time getting away from the daily grind. Probably the best part was the team-building. I think many of us arrived as co-workers and colleagues, but ended up leaving as friends.