Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grown Up Kit

Ok - so the last post was titled "Last One," but I didn't really mean that it was my last post ever even though it may seem like it. It is so difficult for me to make time to blog during the week, but I am going to get more consistent.

Anyway, part of the reason for my inconsistent posting is the fact that I don't have a lot of pictures or much inspiration at the moment. I had hoped that this blog would be an encouragement for me to get more creative and actually do more creating...again, just haven't been able to make the time. I've got tons of inspiration and lists upon lists of things I want to make and do, but I'm a little afraid of making the commitment to DO because I feel like the idea won't come through and my execution of it will be disappointing. Of course, how will I ever know that if I don't start DOING something?! hmmmm... quite the conundrum and, I believe, the true root of all procrastination.

So, the day is drawing nearer and nearer for my Chicken Little's departure. Once she is out of the nest and on her own, it will only be a matter of time before her sky starts to fall and the end of the world becomes imminent. That's just the way she is - it seems with every little challenge, it means all is lost - I've been told that is just a symptom of the teenage brain, so that gives me hope, but still she's been this way for as long as I can remember. (However, with my memory these days, that could mean it's only been as long as the length of time it takes me to walk from the living room to the kitchen.) But I digress...

In an effort to make the child feel better prepared for the end of the world, I presented her with the above "grown up kit" on her 18th birthday.

The college dorm rooms are no longer just a room with 2 twin beds, 2 desks, 2 wardrobes, and one electrical outlet. Essentially, she will be sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 other girls. In addition to the bedrooms, there is one bathroom, a kitchen with a STOVE AND FRIDGE (that is luxury compared to my dorm room), and a living room. Moving into a dorm is like getting real place of your own - they need dishes & all sorts of kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, plus the usual bedding and school supplies.

The Grown Up Kit - is a great housewarming gift - it feels a bit early for that - but at the same time it is necessary. It's got all you need to keep the mold and stench at bay, as well as some basic kitchen utensils, a few must-have tools, and a first aid kit. Now, if the sky really does start to fall, she can tidy up, whip up a tasty bowl of ramen noodles and get out the band-aids and ibuprofen in case of injury.